El Rincón de la Merced

Merluza con navajas
Agustí Gebellí
Country: Spain
City: 09001 Burgos
Address: La Merced, 13.
(+34) 947479900
Closed: Sunday nights.
Price: 50/70 €
Tasting menu:: 45 €

A restaurant under the direction of Enrique Martínez of the Grupo Maher Restauración, which also manages La Ontina in Zaragoza as well as the chief establishment of the company, Maher, in Cintruénigo, all of which are notable restaurants in this guide. They are typically distinguished by their creative, modern haute cuisine, reproducing historic flavors with great succulence. They maintain a symbiosis between the cultish and the popular, between yesterday and tomorrow, between the familiar and the unexpected, connecting all palates along the way.