La Ontina

Láminas de atún con alubias verdes y asadillo
Ramiro Sanchez
Country: Spain
City: 50001 Zaragoza
Address: Joaquín Costa, 5
(+34) 976214575
Closed: Sunday evenings, all day in July and August
Price: 55/70 €
Tasting menu:: 49 €

Despite being located in a monumental hotel, this is not a hotel restaurant or anything of the kind, something that sets apart quite a few NH establishments, part of a chain that shows a contrasting interest in offering compelling gastronomic options. It has full autonomy on all levels, and exploiting this is the responsibility of a magnificent chef and manager, Enrique Martínez, who has given it the imprint of the mother restaurant, Maher, to the point of populating the menu with innumerable dishes sanctified in Cintruénigo.