Le Vieux Logis

El flan de atún marinado con hierbas aromáticas, teja de pan y ensalada al aceit
Vincent Arnould
Country: France
City: 24510 Trémolat (Dordogne)
Address: 2 rue du Cingle
(+33) 0553228006
Closed: Never
Price: 150/250 €
Tasting menu:: 60 , 75 €

Bernard Giraudel is a storybook character who has succeeded in building a dream castle; preserving the constructions of the XVI and XVII centuries, it exudes life, nature, countryside, class, nobility, solidity, sobriety… and an exquisite, captivating feel that reflects the character of the owner, a vibrant, wise and content octogenarian who passes these qualities on to his guests.