In de Wulf

Mejillones con algas, levístico y flores
Kobe Desramaults
Country: Belgium
City: B-8951 Dranouter-Heuvelland
Address: Wulvestraat, 1
(+32) 057445567
Closed: Mondays and Tuesdays
Price: 80/140 €
Tasting menu:: 65,75, 85, 95 €

Kobe Desramaults is the greatest strength emerging from Belgian cuisine. After training with legendary Dutch chef Sergio Herman, he returned – at 23 years of age – to his maternal grill-house, which was little more than a family restaurant located in the middle of the countryside, far from the city noise, 40 km outside of Lille, and began to gradually transform it to the point of converting it into charming rustic establishment with an undeniable and growing gastronomic impact.