Tomato And Violet Soup With Vegetable Stalks, Mollusks And Prawns

Chef: Koldo Rodero
Country: Spain
City: 31002 Pamplona (Navarra)
Address: C/Emilio Arrieta, 3

This is probably the most important dish that Koldo Rodero, a talented chef who tries to reach sensorial and artistic heights with each recipe, has created in the past few years. We do not know if it will keep its place on the menu; we doubt it very seriously, because it has natural and well-known flavors that are extraordinarily avant-garde. Immaculate ones, like the tomato soup. Delicious ones, like the oyster, cockles and prawn. Easily recognizable ones, like the orange juice vinaigrette and the pearls of the same fruit. Historic ones, like the sweet combination of tarragon and shellfish...