Pancetta with almond milk

Pancetta with almond milk
Chef: Isaac Salaberria
Country: España
City: 20120 Hernani (Guipúzcoa)
Address: Ctra. de Goizueta
(+34) 943550031

We had not rewarded this great dish of Isaac Salaberria’s, and we do it now because rectification behooves the wise. The reason for this mandatory recognition: for some time it has garnered the highest praises from authorities as well as being the most oft-ordered by the restaurant’s clientele.

The Iberico pancetta with almond milk cup is patent, emphatic testimony to this young, clairvoyant chef’s style, which, as we have always said, is one of the three or four most developed on the Spanish scene. It surpasses all of the recipes created to date in essentiality: one main ingre...