La Maison de L'Alsace

Nazionalita: Francia
Localita: 75008 París
Indirizzo: 39, av. des Champs-Elysées
(+33) 0142966504
Chiusura:: Always open
Prezzo: 40/60 €

  • Ostras Gillardeau
  • Ostras Gillardeau
  • Choucroute Imperial
  • Choucroute Imperial

The oysters offered here have different origins and sizes. The Gillardeau variety and the assortment are especially recommended. As well as three sauerkrauts, relatively carnal, generous, with a relative quantity of sliced bacon, all proposed in a similar line, both the cabbage and the –top quality– cooked meats versions. One portion, quite generous, is enough for two people. The charming touch is given by the terrace, on the Champs-Elysées. The champagne of the house and the offer of Alsace wines represent rather good combinations. The former dishes deserve a good mark, but the elaborate dishes are just acceptable, nothing more, nothing less. In conclusion, the cooking processes require some focusing.