Cod skin, germinated lentils, mushrooms, pil-pil and charcoal grilled vegetables juice

 Cod skin, germinated lentils, mushrooms, pil-pil and charcoal grilled vegetable
Casa Marcial
Cuoco: Nacho Manzano
Nazionalita: Spain
Localita: 33549 Arriondas (Asturias).
Indirizzo: La Salgar, 10; a 4 kilómetros del centro urbano.

This recipe is a qualitative leap or, in other words, a proposal that has been inspired by a previous one that was a tremendous success in the restaurant and became part of the menu at La Salgar, the business owned by the family in Gijon and run by Esther, his sister. We are referring to the tripe with germinated lentils and red pepper juice. What do both recipes have in common? Cod, lentils and pepper juice. The first one uses tripe instead of tails, and the pepper water undergoes quite considerable transformations before becoming escalibada juice (grilled and peeled aubergine, peppers and onions). It also integrates other ingredients, other techniques and a completely different structure of elements. The dish, utterly original, modern and light, offers very historical flavours.

La Ricetta

2 cod tails
5 g cumin
250 g funghi porcini
250 g lentils
1 spring onion

½ leek
2 hot peppers
1 garlic clove
250 ml olive oil

4 red peppers
4 spring onions
2 garlic cloves
3 aubergines
40 ml cava vinegar
200 ml water
15 g salt
15 g sugar
50 ml extra virgin olive oil

Separate the cod and skin from the bones and keep the latter. Remove the skin and let 1 cm meat. Spread and vacuum-pack with a bit of olive oil and a garlic clove.
Cut the funghi porcini into 1 cm2 cubes and set aside.
Germinate the lentils in a soup dish after wrapping them into damp paper and let them for two days at 25º-28º. Keep in the fridge.
Cut the onion spring in 2 cm-wide quarters and separate the layers. Introduce for 10 seconds into boiling water and season with smoke oil.

Mix the cod bones with the oil, leek, hot peppers and garlic. Strain and emulsify.

Place the vegetables over the charcoal fire until the peel is burnt and let smoke for 2 hours together with the extra virgin olive oil.
Put on a tray together with the water, salt, sugar and cava vinegar. Cover with aluminium foil over the cling film.
Set the oil aside, introduce into a convection steam oven at 85º C for 4 hours.
Strain and filter through a cloth. Set aside.

Sauté the lentils and the funghi porcini in a pan with cumin and a bit of salt.
Brown the skin in a non-stick pan until crunchy and cut into 3-cm triangles.
Heat the pil-pil and temper the smoked spring onion.

Place the lentils and the funghi porcini into a soup dish, cover with the skin, followed by the pil-pil and the smoked spring onion. Pour the vegetal juice into a hot jug and serve.