Sostrene Karlsen

Trond Aam
Nazionalita: Norway
Localita: 7014 Trondheim
Indirizzo: TMV Kai 25
Prezzo: 100/200 €
Menu di degustazione: 100 €

Trond Aam worked in famous restaurants such as Martín Berasategui, Arzak and Zaldiaran, in which he learned about the techniques and concepts that have been prevailing in Spain for the last years. These elements have been adapted to northern culture, which is highly praised by the chef. Local products, both from the sea and from the mountains, are assembled to form wonderful compositions. Indigenous organic vegetables and oceanic delicacies are omnipresent, like the scallops, as good as the best in the world –or the best of all; the crayfish, that rimes with glorious size, freshness and taste; the salmon roe, explosive and delicate; the halibut and the turbot, gigantic, fat, gelatinous and substantial. The meat section is worth it, too, especially the aged ox. All this is synonymous with majestic lunch/dinner in a splendid restaurant located in the most trendy area in Trondheim, in the heart of the port, just in front of the tied up yachts, in the middle of the fish markets and warehouses that used to be active in the past and have been transformed into restaurants. A really genuine and beautiful place, actually.
We started with a typical Norwegian appetizer that reflects the very good quality of salmon in the country, served here in three different doneness and consistencies together with radish, dill, herbs juice and quail egg. The next proposal was synonymous with stellar and gigantic product: incredible grilled scallop –What a quality! – proposed with its roe, hardly heated, utterly juicy, lain over a tempting garden of rye, cauliflower, pomegranate, herbs,… The guest ends up feeling that the raw materials are really exceptional and that their impeccable doneness enhances the intrinsic values of these palatal treasures. He/She probably won’t ever forget the grilled crayfish served with avocado cream, baby tomatoes and foam made with the crustacean’s heads, among other stimulating accompaniments. Another unforgettable moment was offered by the semi-raw halibut filet, proposed in two ways: covered with smoked mullet roe and accompanied with a cucumber salad with salmon roe and spicy radish foam. This magnanimous sea immersion was followed by the meat section, also remarkable, but not as impressive as the grandeur transmitted by oceans.
The veal snout cooked at low heat with mushroom consommé, red and white onions, carrots, wild mushrooms, … is very academic and technical. The Schnitzel-like mature Kobe veal chop, presented deboned and with generous and complex complements (dehydrated onion, pea spherifications, different forms of potatoes, anchovies in oil,…) rimes with magnificence, nobility and hard work.
To finish, we savoured some great local cheese called Munkeby, followed by some raspberry ice cream served with vanilla foam and chocolate egg stuffed with cocoa mousse and raspberry shavings.
A solid and effective cuisine displayed in the best setting and place in town.