Marqués de Riscal Finca Montico 08

Marqués de Riscal Finca Montico 08
Vinos Blancos de Castilla

Type: Blanco
Pays: Spain
Région: Rueda 08
Localité: 47490 Rueda (Valladolid)
Adresse: Ctra. Nac. VI, km.172.6
(+34) 983868029
Année de création: 1972
Production (bouteilles): 3,6 million bottles
Surface de vignoble (Ha): 198 in Rueda, La Seca and Rodilana
Marques: Marqués de Riscal Rueda Verdejo, Marques de Riscal Sauvignon, Marqués de Riscal Finca Montico and Marqués de Riscal Limousin
Prix à la carte: Around € 9 €

Situated somewhere between the Rueda Verdejo and the Limousin from Marqués de Riscal, this wine surpasses both in conceptual appreciation. It has more substance than the first and more grandeur than the second, without expressing the same touch of oakiness. Therein lies its success: an immensely fruity white with the elegance and impact of a mature wine, thanks to a process where it remains with the lees for four months in stainless steel after the malolactic fermentation. In short, a verdejo with tempered aromas, fruitiness and acidity that expresses itself while preserving its characteristics, balanced and silky, boasting a natural, lively complexity.