Homemade Blood Sausage, Arraño Beans, Cabbage and Vegetables

 Morcilla Hecha en Casa con Caldo de Alubias de Arraño, Berza y Vegetales
Cuisinier: Eneko Atxa
Pays: España
Localité: 48195 Larrabetzu (Vizcaya)
Adresse: Barrio Legina s/n
(+34) 944558866.

Eneko Atxa, an extremely talented cook, created this wonderful dish giving chromatism and modernity to a really rustic ingredient. From the sacramental elements of a forceful and abundant bean stew, considerably typical and achromatic, Azurmendi’s chef gustatively and –principally– visually updates traditional flavours with aesthetic sensitiveness and an unimaginable culinary technique.
The homemade blood sausage with Arraño beans, cabbage and vegetables is a new version of the typical bean stew. First, Eneko Atxa builds a daring and colourful round frame; a crown which remi...