Borage Pancakes Onto Clam Sauce

Borage Pancakes Onto Clam Sauce
Cuisinier: Nicolás Ramírez
Pays: España
Localité: 31300 Tafalla (Navarra)
Adresse: Plaza de Navarra, 4.
(*34) 948700852.

This legendary recipe was invented by Atxen Jiménez, who embodies the evolution of Navarra’s cuisine like no other. This is a clear example of what happened in the eighties, has been evolving and giving the house a constant series of successful results. The rule is to maintain the haute cuisine forms of that time as well as historic memory. In this case, three classical elements come to the meeting: a pancake, which was in fashion at the moment of its creation; a typical vegetable from Navarra that is integrated into the pancake dough and the filling; and an oceanic clam sauce, which i...