Vigneti Massa Costa del Vento Vigna di Timoraso 00

Vigneti Massa Costa del Vento Vigna di Timoraso 00
Massa F.Lli Azienda Agricola

Type: Blanco
Country: Italy
Region: Piamonte
City: 15059 Monleale (Alessandria)
Address: Piazza Capsoni, 10
(+39) 013180302
Year established: 1879
Production (bottles): 100.000
Vineyard area: 18 Monleale
Brands: Derthona Timorasso, Costa del Vento Vigna di Timorasso, Monleale, Cerreta, Bigolla, Pertichetta Croatina, Sentieri Barbera.
Price: 30 €

A very special wine, extremely personal, to which the white grape variety, Timorasso, native to southeast Piedmont, contributes. This winery has 2.2ha planted since 1990, yielding an approximate annual production of 6,200 bottles and 300 magnums.

With age, it gains stunning, improved, incredible maturity and complexity without losing vitality. It has exuberant aromas: fruity, of aging without wood, floral, honeyed…in succession in the nose and in the mouth. On the palate it produces other sensations, always delicate, velvety, balanced (it is entirely rounded), such as acidity and bitterness, as well as body, giving it substance, great character, and, above all, immense charm.