Sydre Argelette Schistes

Sydre Argelette Schistes
Eric Bordelet

Type: Sidra
Country: France
Region: Normandia
City: 53250 Charchigné
Address: Château de Hauteville
(+33) 0243039572
Year established: 1992
Production (bottles): 15.000
Vineyard area: 10,5
Brands: Sydre, Sydre Doux, Sydre Brut Tendre, Sydre Brut, Sydre Argelette, Sydre Poire, Calvados
Price: 10,5 €

With a name such as his, Eric Bordelet was destined for the sommelier profession, a craft that he developed over the course of 5 years in the 3-star restaurant Arpege. In 1992 he returned to his native Normandy, where he rediscovered the ancient fruit trees, some of them over 100 years old. The name “Arglette” defines the nature of a land comprised of old pebbles where the trees develop with difficulty, producing small, wild-tasting apples with a very concentrated flavor. This brand is a product of prestige sustained by a rigorous selection of around twenty carefully picked apples.
It is arguably the best cider in the world or, at the very least, the most special. Powerfully calling attention to the presence and color that one identifies with beer – aged gold with natural head and bubbles. Elegant bouquet and flavor, unmistakably apple, very natural, with bitter, sweet and acidic sensations, all expressed with subtlety and harmony.

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