Parés Baltà Mas Pons 08

Parés Baltà Mas Pons 08
Pares Balta

Type: Blanco
Country: Spain
Region: Penedés
City: 08796 Pacs del Penedès (Barcelona)
Address: Masia Can Baltà, s/n
(+34) 938901399
Year established: 1934
Production (bottles): 800.000
Vineyard area: 175<br />
Brands: Los cavas Parés Baltà Brut de Pacs, Brut Nature, Brut de Brut y Cuvée de Carol; los blancos Parés Baltà Blanc de Pacs, Mas Pons, Mas de Carol y Electio; el rosado Radix y los tintos Parés Baltà Mas Elena, Mas Irene, Marta de Baltà, Absis y Dominio de Cusiné 1790
Price: 8 €

Shows greater structure and stronger flavor than ever, though what shines is its character. Delicate, clean aromas, with fruit being the dazzling element; somewhat acidic fragrances, mainly citrus, more specifically of lime peel, intermingled with other fruits, such as apple and even tropical fruits, giving it complexity and a refreshing quality. On the palate it confirms its olfactory elements, with the characteristics typical of this variety, very polished by the bottle, inviting to drink and to offer; charmingly unpretentious.

In short, for another year Joan has shown us his cards: proprietary vineyards that produce good raw materials and an unyielding principle, the search for the natural, with a successfully achieved goal: for the grape to shine.