Milmanda 07

Milmanda 07
Miguel Torres

Type: Blanco
Country: Spain
Region: Penedés 07
City: 08720 Vilafranca del Penedés (Barcelona)
Address: Miguel Torres i Carbo, 6
(+34) 938177400
Year established: 1870
Production (bottles): 37.000.000
Vineyard area: 1852 en toda Cataluña, 160 en Jumilla, 40 en Toro y 7 en Ribera de Duero
Brands: Mas Rabell, Sangre de Toro, Coronas, Gran Sangre de Toro, Gran Coronas, Atrium, Mas La Plana, Mas Borras, Grans Muralles, Reserva Real, San Valentín, Viña Sol, Viña Esmeralda, Waltraud, Gran Viña Sol, Fransola, Milmanda, Nerola Xarel.lo, Nerola Syrah, De Casta y Vinos fortificados: Moscatel Oro y Sangre Brava.
Price: 28 €

A legendary label which outdoes itself and pays tribute to the history of Spanish whites; it was the first great Spanish wine made with Chardonnay, and ever since its creation it has reaffirmed itself with characteristic brilliance—dimmed only exceptionally when nature makes life impossible for a winery that works angelically to make vines, knowledge and technique into life’s passion. A Milmanda is therefore always a Milmanda.

This Chardonnay, fermented and aged for 10 months in new Nevers oak barrels, distinguishes itself with potent, bold and long aromas of fruits and almonds. These are reproduced on the palate, where, in addition to the idiosyncrasy of the varietal, creamy, toasty and warm notes stand out, leaving evidence of careful aging which completes the main ingredient. Bottled August , 2008.