Mas Irene 00

Mas Irene 00
Parés Baltà

Type: Tinto
Country: Spain
Region: Penedés
City: 08796 - Pacs del Penedès (Barcellona)
Address: Masia Can Baltà, s/n
(+34) 938901399
Year established: 1934
Production (bottles): 800.000
Vineyard area: 175
Brands: Los cavas Parés Baltà Brut de Pacs, Brut Nature, Brut de Brut y Cuvee de Carol; los blancos Parés Baltà Blans de Pacs, Mas Pons , Mas de Carol y Electio, el rosado Radix y los tinto Parés Baltà Mas Elena, Mas Irene, Marta de Baltá, Absis y Dominio de Cusiné 1790
Price: 20 €

A wine of much substance that confirms its style in which two Bordelaise varieties are combined with a deeply Mediterranean base. If it were intense and lively before, it has now polished these qualities with an extraordinary, almost extreme fruity vigor. The noble, immense grape offers sweet, meaty sensations of enormous singularity. It has a well-developed rustic personality, determined by the predominant cabernet franc variety that is smoothed over by the merlot. A welcoming warmth even though it is sweet and quick in the mouth, complexity and a lively spirit stand out. The 12 month aging in Allier oak is so nuanced and precise that it contributes to the exaltation of the basic material and its characteristic merits. Bottled in the summer of 2002. 36,854 bottles.