Majolini Pas Dosé 00

Majolini Pas Dosé 00

Type: Espumoso
Country: Italy
Region: Lombardia
City: 25050 Ome (Brescia)
Address: Via Manzoni, 3
(+39) 0306527378
Year established: 1981
Production (bottles): 150.000
Vineyard area: 18
Brands: Majolini Franciacorta Millesimato Electo, Pas Dosé Aligi Sassu, Satén Ante Omnia,Valentino Majolini, Brut, Rosé Altèra, Ronchello, Deressi, Dordaro y Ruc di Gnoc
Price: 23 €

All the sparkling wines produced by the Majolin brothers, Ezio and Simone, share the common characteristics of refinement, delicacy, velvety texture, roundness and an enormous sensitivity. They manifest an exquisite fruitiness on the palate, acidic and mature in this case, that encloses the mouth with a delightful strength of flavor, expressing feeling and temperament, as well as a considerable amount of body. Vigorous but eminently sensitive.
Made exclusively with chardonnay, aged for 48 months. 6,000 bottles produced.