La Vicalanda Gran Reserva 99

La Vicalanda Gran Reserva  99
Bodegas Bilbaínas, S.A.

Type: Tinto
Country: Spain
Region: La Rioja
City: 26200 Haro (La Rioja)
Address: Barrio de la Estación, 3.
Year established: 1901
Production (bottles): 3.300.000
Vineyard area: 260 en Haro
Brands: Ederra Crianza, Paceta Crianza, Viña Zaco Reserva, Viña Pomal Reserva Centenario y Gran Reserva, Vicuana, La Vicalanda Reserva y Gran Reserva y Vicuana, así como distintos cavas
Price: 40 €

This is a modern, easy wine that retains a classic bouquet. It strives for importance without trying to show overwhelming strength and structure. It tastes of many things, albeit little of each of them; it is eminently balanced, and its velvety quality stands out. Noticeable are very ripe berries, such as blackberries, as well as notes of minerals, licorice, of course wood—it spent 24 months in new Allier oak barrels—vanilla and clove. It also has subtle acidity, tannins, warmth… all in minute quantities. Full of retro-nasal aromatic sensations typical of wine, which vividly recall the winery and reproduce the motifs of its homeland.

100% Tempranillo. Bottled in February 2002.