Gaja Barbaresco 01

Gaja Barbaresco 01

Type: Tinto
Country: Italy
Region: Barbaresco
City: 12050 Barbaresco
Address: Via Torino, 36
(+39) 0173635158
Year established: 1859
Production (bottles): 350.000
Vineyard area: 100 ha Barbaresco y Barolo
Brands: Gaja Barbaresco, Sorì San Lorenzo, Sorì Tildin, Costa Russi, Sperss, Conteisa, Darmagi, Sito Moresco, Rossj-Bass, Gaja&Rey y Alteni di Brassica.
Price: 125 €

From the most famous winery in Italy, we have a wine of great substance in which quality and sophistication reign supreme. A fine bouquet, persistent and complex, with very ripe fruits, cranberries, notes of licorice, balsamic, forest and spices… Elegance and harmony are distinguished on the palate, as well as minerality, refined bitterness and a supple tannic quality. Very expressive and lively, yet balanced… without excess. Noble and wise oenology.

100% Nebbiolo harvested from 14 Barbaresco vineyards, the grapes were fermented separately. Aged for one year in French barrels which had previously hosted 1, 2 or 3 wines and then 12 more months in 12,000 liter vats. Bottled in June of 2004. 60,000 bottles produced.