Abadía Retuerta Pago Valdebellón 05

Abadía Retuerta Pago Valdebellón 05
Abadía Retuerta

Type: Tinto
Country: Spain
Region: Ribera del Duero
City: 47340 Sandón de Duero (Valladolid)
Address: Abadía Santa María de Retuerta, s/n.
(+34) 983680314
Year established: 1996
Production (bottles): 1.000.000
Vineyard area: 206
Brands: Abadía Retuerta Primicia, Rívola, Selección Especial, Cuvée El Palomar, Cuvée El Campanario, Pago Negralada y Pago Valdebellón
Price: 60 €

A delicate nose, releasing fragrances reminiscent of sweet spices, exotic fruits and a mineral base that reveal great complexity and offer us a generous feel. The ripeness of the grape stands out—the queen of grapes that communicates quality and warmth, silkiness and character. Fabulous raw materials in optimum condition for harvesting and knowledgeable aging with noble roasted notes that evoke cocoa and coffee in idyllic harmony.

This exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon originates from lime-rich land with a very particular microclimate—it is situated at the highest point of the estate, at 820 meters above sea level in a vineyard surrounded by pines. Malolactic fermentation in new Allier oak barrels, where it was subsequently aged for two years. Bottled since February, 2008. 7.500 units.