Wholemeal Cornflour for Polenta Mulino Marino

Marino Felice, S.N.C.

Country: Italy
City: 12054 Cossano Belbo (CN)
Address: Via Caduti Per La Patria, 41
(+39) 0141 88129
Price: 3,50

This raw and natural flour has been made with the best corn varieties from La Langa region –particularly the “8 file” corn (because of the 8 rows of grain that cover the corncob)– that have been sun- and wind-dried, without any preservative, following an organic production process. It is sold stone-grinded in two versions: fine or thick. Both proposals give off the special fragrance, rustic character and land aroma of the product. The sensations in the month are multiple (due to the effect of the natural stone of the grinder, which doesn’t pulverize nor heat the corn during the grinding): more classical for the fine flour and more original for the thick one. The feeling of chewing the matter, the product that comes from the ground, almost crunchy, somewhere between a corn muesli and a rural crème pâtissière. Pure juice from the land. Exquisiteness, nobility of an ancestral taste combined with the roughness of the land. Savour together with meat (sausage, beef, game) cooked in an abounding sauce or with cod. The product can be a good combination for tender cheese such as Fontina or Gorgonzola (grated or slightly sliced Parmesan will also give you excellent sensations). Another classical product to combine with is butter. Try the Savoie butter for a gourmand touch or the Isigny one for a creamy experience. A trickle of olive oil can also give you a delicious result, like the Sicilian Felice Modica oil (see Products in this guide), which considerably reinforces the taste and texture of the stone-grinded cereal (a few drops only). The exceeding polenta can be sliced the following day and fried in a pan or gratinéed in the oven, with or without cheese.