Villa Zottopera Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Azienda Agrobiologica Rosso

Country: Italy
City: 97100 Ragusa
Address: Via Cimarosa, 75
(+39) 0932621442
Price: 12 , 18 y 25 € the bottles of 0.25, 0.50 & 0.75 l

A renowned Sicilian olive oil that has been awarded innumerable distinctions and acknowledgments. Exuberant and complex, with multiple nuances expressed in perfect harmony. It has enormous character and is sophisticated and elegant. Fresh, sharp and potent aromas, of olive and nuts, predominated by hints of almond. The fruitiness is reaffirmed on the palate with a sweet, velvety entry that gives way to a rich bitterness to finish with a light spice, demonstrating a pleasant structure at every turn. In short, it has character yet is very well finished.