Torreblanca Süsser Kuss Chocolate

Paco Torreblanca

Country: España
City: 03640 Monóvar (Alicante)
Address: P.I. El Pastoret. c/ Galicia, 40
(+34) 965471131
Price: 12,50 € for a 300 g box

Paco Torreblanca is possibly the finest patissier in the world; only Pierre Hermé could compete for that title of leadership. If his chocolate panettone is unique, if his macaroni skirt perfection, if his bonbons confirm the excellence of his work, like so many of his decadent creations, his discovery in 2008 has been chocolate, the kind of chocolate that comes in little bars, 60 grams each, sold in a tiny box.
The purity, exquisite nature, the harmony, so many qualities come together in this product, where superb ingredients join hands with unsurpassable technique along side the proverbial gift of good taste. Cocoa and nothing more than cocoa with poignant bitter sensations, acidic nuances and hints of sweetness, only barely noticeable.