Torreblanca Chocolate Panettone

Paco Torreblanca

Country: Spain
City: 03600 Elda (Alicante)
Address: Gran Avenida, 103
(+34) 965388224
Price: 14,5 € per piece

The most exquisite sweet bread that one can have the pleasure of tasting. Typically Italian, it is eaten mostly in Milan and especially during Christmastime, on the 6th of February (San Biagio), and for birth and baptism celebrations. The traditional recipe calls for flour, butter, sugar, brewer’s yeast, egg yolks… though both versions offered by Paco Torreblanca have a very special identity. This does not mean that the chocolate one is much better made than the fruit one, or that the 1000g version is better than the 500g one.

Speaking of the gorgeous piece of chocolate, its first particularity has to do with the shape: a bit more slender than usual at the top, it looks rather like a chef’s hat and is shiny, glazed with almond, hazelnut, cocoa… and dotted with whitish sugar. The second is its flavors: the chocolate dominates and contrasts wonderfully with the sweetness; there are also subtle bitter notes due to the dark couverture and the orange zest; as well as aromatic ones derived from five spices. Super spongy, it is very juicy, moist and stays tender for a month as long as it is covered in plastic wrap. This is thanks to the magical substitution of natural grape yeast for the brewer’s yeast. In short, exquisite, extremely refined and insuperable.