Santa Teresa tomato-basil sauce


Country: Spain
City: 28290 Las Rozas (Madrid)
Address: Chile, 10. Edif. Madrid 92
(+34) 916 369 260
Price: Around 2.75 € for 500 ml

Santa Teresa always manages to be at the height of whatever they do. The Quince Jelly, Egg Yolks, Mayonnaise, as well as their Béchamel sauce and this tomato and basil creation all confirm the general approach of the company and the commitment they have to excellence.
This tomato sauce is precise with regard to color and texture as well as density and thickness. The flavor could not be more crisp, traditional and polished. The tomato, very ripe, comes across in all its purity, softened and given a honey-like touch by an considerable ratio of sweated onion, coming together to create a harmonic acidity and sweetness, leaving the limelight for the tomato and its characteristics.