Santa Teresa Raf Tomato Gazpacho

Yemas de Santa Teresa, S.A.

Country: Spain
City: 28290 Las Rozas (Madrid)
Address: Chile, 10. Edif. Madrid 92
(+34) 916369260
Price: 2,75 € a 500 ml packet

Julián Gil continues to make history in the high quality food industry. Not content with merely marketing a completely unique extra virgin olive oil mayonnaise, a potato puree that has more than marked its difference… not to mention their béchamel, tomato-basil sauce, quince jelly, their legendary yolks… so many things. Not content, they continue their quest for select products, like this gazpacho, winning the Tudela “Premio Ciudad Agroalimentaria” for the Best Prepared Dish, awarded at the II “Vive Las Verduras” Congress, and celebrated again in May of 2008 at Pamplona Gazpacho where their use of the raf tomato, whose qualities are patent in the flavor with a magnificent balance of sweet and acidic, brought much acclaim. The idiosyncrasy of the raf tomato, the refinement of flavor, the delicacy, the pairing, the harmony… all values that distinguish this soup. In consonance with the other ingredients, the sherry vinegar and garlic are expressed with incredible subtlety.