Santa Teresa Bull's Tail

Santa Teresa Bull's Tail
Yemas de Santa Teresa, S.A.

Country: España
City: 28290 Las Rozas (Madrid)
Address: Chile, 10. Edif. Madrid 92
(+34) 916369260
Price: Around € 15 for the 840 g. jar

Julián Gil has expanded his offer of products prepared with vegetables and traditional meat dishes, among which is necessary to mention the meatballs and this succulent bull’s tail creation that reminds us of our grandmother’s cuisine, captured with a great deal of professionalism. The first characteristic to jump out at you is the presence of attractive pieces of meat that demonstrate a fine cut and magnificent color. The flavor of the meat testifies to its nobility, subdued and impregnated with the sauce, polished and flavorful but without excess, guarding its natural qualities, mingling with the onion, leek, carrot, garlic, red wine, meat broth, corn flour, salt, pepper, cayenne and extra virgin olive oil. The texture is tender and gelatinous.