Pasta Spaghettoni Toscani

Spaghettoni Toscani
Pastificio Artigiano Fabbri

Country: Italy
City: 50027, Strada in Chianti (FIRENZE)
Address: Piazza Emilio Landi, 18
(+39) 055 85 80 13
Price: 7€ 500gr.

We face great product!

When we opened the package, we get a sweet aroma, aromatic grain, the smell of country bread, ancestral species. Cooking has to be long: it takes at least 12 minutes to obtain smoothy end and 15 minutes to get an'al dente' ending. Now it's showtime! Once the product is cooked develops an incredible energy. They are alive, they move. It is difficult to keep them with a fork. They are animals.
The Spaghettoni are the stars, tend to dominate the seasoning. We tested them in four differnt ways.
With tomato sauce: tomatoes are good, but simply can not cope with the energy developed by the own pasta sauce. With garlic and chile oil convincing. In "Amatriciana" are excellent. Try the traditional recipe: fry bacon (diced bacon), tomatoes, pecorino Roman. His intensity and mixture is a thick tasty sauce. With olive oil and black pepper are delicious and very simple. We advise you to fully enjoy the quality of this fantastic product, using a Spanish extra virgin olive oil with Andalusian character and strong flavor: Tuccioliva (SCA San Amador). With a seemingly simple condiment, the result is very satisfactory.