Pasta – Spaghetti A Matassa – Cav. Giuseppe Cocco

Cav. Giuseppe Cocco

Country: Italy
City: 66015 - Fara San Martino (CH)
Address: Zona artigianale, 15
(+39) 0872984121
Price: € the 500 g package

A legendary company that honors its prestige and ample range of products with this offer. We selected this one out of many as it is prepared in an artisan fashion at low temperature with hard grain semolina, then finished with 4% bran and 2% cruschello. The consistency stands out as much as the flavor. When prepared al dente (7-8 minutes), it maintains a precise, uniform tenderness throughout. Furthermore, the result is an extraordinarily refined pasta within the characteristic flavor of the hard grain semolina. This pasta would seem practically impossible to improve.