Pasta – Spaghetti – Benedetto Cavalieri

Benedetto Cavalieri

Country: Italy
City: 73024 Maglie (Lecce)
Address: Via Garibaldi
(+39) 0836484144
Price: 4.20 € for a 500 g packet

Unique. It suffices to say that Massimiliano Alajmo (Le Calandre), the supreme specialist in this kind of pasta, uses this brand as the artifice of such consecrated dishes as his spaghetti with squid liver, oil and spicy pepper. It has two immense virtues. The first is the texture: very al dente, consistent, requiring you to chew, touch and feel… It is practically impossible to overcook them, barring some calamitous distraction occurring in the kitchen. The second is the taste: a noble flavor of cereals with pleasant sweet notes, enriching the identity, that preserve themselves immaculately, except when smothered with out-of-date sauces. This is spaghetti in which the pasta manifests itself in full sapid and tactile splendor.