Pasta Latini Line Senatore Capelli

Pastificio Azienda Agraria Latini s.r.l.

Country: Italy
City: 60027 Osino (AN)
Address: Vía Maestri del Lavoro, 19
(+39) 0717819768
Price: About 4,5 € the 500 g bag

The quality of all the lines of pasta from this company is extremely high: Clásica, Taganrot, Farro and Senatore Capelli. This hard grain variety is presented in various classical formats. Spaghetti, capellini, trenette, pennete, rigatoni, etc… the thinner forms tend to be more refined whereas the more substantial varieties have a rustic character, bringing together the best of both worlds. It has an intense flavor, profound and particular, that inspires fragrant thoughts of country bread prepared in wood ovens. The texture itself has character, with an appreciable consistency that requires chewing.

More refined and commercial than the Farro line, unsurpassable in its nobleness, which deserves a 9.25.