Paprika Francesc Collell

Francesc Collell Fine Products

Country: Spain
City: 17178 La Vall dén Bas (Girona)
Address: Masles Brides, 52
(+34) 646984938
Price: 8 € for the 85 g jar

Francesc Collell is a visionary whose idealism found him combing distant corners of the earth in search of the finest spices to make them available to chefs and gourmets in their exultant, natural state: Taha vanilla, Sri Lankan cinnamon, Maluku nutmeg, Kashmiri saffron, Indian peppers and Hungarian paprika.

The paprika is distinct from what is sold in Spain. There are two versions: natural and smoked. It is smoother than its counterpart from La Vera, with a noticeable presence of Welsh oak giving it a well-tempered character. The light smoking it undergoes is more evident in the aroma than on the palate, where it produces peppery flavors, exclusively sweet peppers with hardly any acidity or astringency. Its delicate nature is such that one barely notices the heat from the spice. What is generally known as a rustic condiment suddenly becomes refined and round.

It is also offered natural, without the smoking process, which is less expensive.