Panettone Da Vittorio

Restaurante Da Vittorio

Country: Italy
City: 24060 Brusaporto
Address: Via Cantalupa
(+39) 035681024
Price: Around 30 € for a 1000 g piece

Enrico and Roberto Cerea, chefs at the hugely famous Da Vittorio restaurant, have become the quintessential exponents of the Italian neoclassical evolution. Their location on the outskirts of Bergamo, a city that happens to harbor a magnificent patisserie (Cavour), has combined to create a perfect situation for them to reach out into other fields and offer some traditional sweets from the country and region. In keeping with their training and style, these maestros of Lombardian cuisine and patisserie were destined to start producing panettone, one of the ultimate symbols of transalpine cuisine, with the doctoral style that characterizes them.
Its exuberant presence is impressive, something that is confirmed when one smells and tastes this remarkable product. It is made up of magnificent ingredients, materialized scientifically, boasting extraordinary technique: it demonstrates consummate balance of aromas and flavors. The fragrance is of noble patisserie: sugar, sweet fruits and nuts, and the flavor follows suit, demonstrating itself moderately sweet, exquisite and rather complex. It is made of flour, egg, sugar, raisins, orange zest, cedar, almonds, honey, natural aromas and salt. The cake could not be spongier, juicier, more delicate… it urges you to indulge.
In short, a world class panettone.
It can only be purchased from the Da Vittorio restaurant and in the Pasticceria Cavour, en Via Gombito, 7-A. 24121 Bergamo.