Panettone Amarena Loison

Dolciaria A. Loison S.R.L.

Country: Italy
City: 36030 Costabissara (VI)
Address: S.S. Pasubio, 6
(+39) 0444557844
Price: 20 € la pieza de 1000 g

This is a marvelously succulent panettone – exalted by the fragrance and flavor of maraschino cherries (amarena), giving it character and distinctiveness, as well as raisins. Sensations like that of butter, egg and fruit, with sweet tones, acidic and bitter, expressed in perfect balance. It has body but is very moist, with a certain sponginess as well. Exquisite appearance, golden brown on the outside with a yellow hue to the center, and elegant, clean lines.
This same establishment produces other variants, such as the panettone clasico, in which, aside from the raisins, has the stimulating presence of orange zest confit (made with Sicilian oranges) and Diamante de Calabria cedar. Another product that is nothing to scoff at –on the contrary– is the panettone of late-harvest tangerines, impregnated with subtle fragrances and flavor added by the candied fruit..