Oregano Anchovies A Vittorio Alimentari

I Magnifici del Mezzogiorno S.A.S.

Country: Italy
City: 87020 S. María del Cedro (CS)
Address: Via degli Scavi, 55
(+39) 09855303
Price: 10 € for 300 g jar

Salted anchovies that are sold whole with the dorsal spine still attached, impregnated with olive oil and oregano. As a consequence, they must be cleaned first – an easy task – and dressed with a little more oil. The pieces are small and silvery, with their skin still intact. The texture is meaty, robust to chew. The flavor is typical of the salting process, which prevails over the flavor of the fish, as usual, with appreciable amounts of the oil and aromatic herb expressed in moderate and accurate percentages.
They can be eaten plain for an aperitif or used to dress other dishes: salads, pasta, etc.
They are sold in the Alajmo family store found in front of his restaurant “Le Calandre”, in Sarmeola di Rubano, next to Padua, in the region of Veneto.