Mozzarella di Bufala La Fenice

Caseificio La Fenice SRL

Country: Italy
City: 81050 Presenzano (Ce)
Address: Via Vadopiano, 5
(+39) 0823989372
Price: 10,95 € the unit

We discovered this mozzarella in La Tradizione (+39 081028437), a store located in Vico Equense, on the Sorrentine peninsula, which offers the best delicacies of the Campania region: cheeses, cured meats, pastas, etc. The owner is Salvatore De Gennare, celebrated cheese expert who has this mozzarella brought to town every day for optimum freshness (a key factor for this cheese since even after three days from its production the quality is significantly altered). In truth, the finest mozzarella can only truly be eaten in southern Italy due to this element.
It is made from amazingly fresh buffalo milk, substantial, concentrated, dense, full of personality… mozzarella produced at a small family dairy farm situated in the mountains a few kilometers outside of Caserta. It has a delicate, balanced taste, pure, lactic and creamy, with floral and herbal sensations and a very subtle and enriching acidity as well as perfect seasoning. As one bites down, the mozzarella bursts in the mouth, demonstrating its juiciness, the fresh milk gushing forth, slightly grainy, a little fibrous and, at the same time, evanescent and tender. Porcelain white in color. Hand made.