Mont d’Or Cheese or Vacherin du Haut- Doubs Badoz

Fromagerie Badoz

Country: France
City: 25300 Pontarlier
Address: 4, rue Eiffel
(+33) 0381398020
Price: 20 € a 700 g piece

Light yellow, moldy, wavy and pleated rind. Its ivory interior, depending on its age and temperature, goes from tender and unctuous to completely fluid, as if it were a dense, creamy soup. Natural, pure cow’s milk flavor, very concentrated and strong, always balanced with very nuanced acidity and bitterness; qualities that give it complexity, as well as a forest flavor. Its aroma is penetrating and persistent, with woody notes that enrich its eminently lactic character. It must be noted that it ages in the cheese factory for 21 days on red fir slats.

This cheese, made exclusively from raw cow’s milk between August 15 and March 15, is sold from September 10 to May 10. Part of the AOC Mont d’Or or Vacherin du Haut-Doubs appellation, which comprises 11 cheese makers for a production of 3,800 tons.

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