Miel Quintessenza Tarassaco

MIELES THUN – Explotación Agrícola Andrea Paternos

Country: Italy
City: 38010 Vigo di Ton (Trento)
Address: Via Castel Thun, 8
(+39) 0461 657929
Price: Retail price for 250 g jar:

Andrea Paternoster practices an almost nomadic apiculture: he selects all the most apt zones in Italy to take his bees, following a floral cycle throughout the year, in order to produce monofloral honeys (acacia, orange blossom, chestnut, heather, alfalfa, eucalyptus, sunflower, rhododendron, rosemary, dandelion, clover) or multifloral varieties (millefleurs, millefleurs of the Alps and dandelion and apple blossom). Quintessenza is the finest selection of the house: the honey comes from a specific zone, almost an appellation, and it is indeed a “cru”, obtained from the nectars that bees collect when flowering is at a maximum, giving an incredible purity to the honey.
Dandelion Quintessenza 2007 is made of nectars from the high plains in Asiago, in Lavarone. It has a stunning, lively yellow color with dazzling white reflections. An intense, floral perfume with aromas of fresh hay and ammonia. Exquisite in the mouth with an involving flavor, suggestive, sweet but not sickly so, with a faint bitter note on the finish. A perfect texture, neither too pasty nor too hard, it melts in the mouth without sticking to the teeth or palate. It has a long, floral persistence in the mouth. The bees have given way to a cream worthy of haute patisserie! Paternoster recovers the maximum quality of an ancient, archaic product, a base of our daily delight brought from his youth.