Melanzane Grigliate Rocca 1870

Rocca Luigi & Figlio Srl

Country: Italy
City: 23017 Morbegno (So)
Address: Via Luigi Rocca, 3
(+39) 0342610212
Price: 10,70 € for a 235 g jar

Thick eggplant slices, grilled then lightly dressed with olive oil, vinegar and fragrant herbs, largely preserving the natural qualities of the vegetable. The flavor is still distinctly that of the eggplant, with very low acidity – like a subtle vinaigrette – while the olive oil provides a rich, unctuous personality, giving complexity to the aromatic elements. The texture is both firm and meaty. They can be enjoyed as hors d’oeuvres on their own, or accompanied by the peppers that this same company produces which are similar in character. You can also use them in other dishes, like salads or pastas, for example.