Luigi Guffanti Spicy Gorgonzola Cheese, 200 Days


Country: Italy
City: 28041 Arona (Novara)
Address: Vía Milano, 140
(+39) 0322242038
Price: Around 13.30 € per kilo

Carlo Fiori is the most prestigious of all cheese purveyors in the Piedmont region, perhaps in the whole of Italy, producing cheeses of universal magnitude. He sells around 3,000 pounds a day, give or take a few, of all different kinds, to numerous countries and even to clients on other continents. His store looks like an archeological museum, replete with prized artifacts: a parmegiano-reggiano aged up to 10 years, for example. What ever you want, regardless of how rare it might be, can be found here.
No one knows gorgonzola better than he, delightfully combining hints of both sweetness and spice. It comes in two forms: aged for 90-120 days or 200 days, approximately. The latter is the most polished, concentrating all the essences of the cow milk and the penicillium mold, releasing an intense, substantial, fatty and lightly spicy flavor that is refined on the palate with a long, lovely finish. Enormously creamy, as long as you remember to eat it at room temperature. A marbled tonality with blue veins cutting through it.