Joselito “Vela” Sausage Of Iberian Acorn-Fed Pig

Carnicas Joselito, S.A.

Country: Spain
City: 37770 Guijuelo (Salamanca).
Address: Santa Rita, 8
Price: 33 € per Kg

Just as José Gómez one day proposed to improve on his unanimously recognized chorizo with the launch of a small production of Iberian acorn-fed ham longanizas (sausages), around 4000 kilos annually, designed for a more gourmet, experienced palate, in 2005 he is repeating history with this sausage representing a gastronomic evolution in regard to this type and differs from the traditional approach. It is much thinner, approximately half the diameter, which calls for a shorter curing period of only 4 months. In the mouth the result is delicate, fresh, juicy, tender, soft… easy to eat, even in great quantities. Since the mincing is the same, it gives the impression that the meat and the fat are more integrated here than in its predecessor. The seasoning is aromatic and subtle: pepper, garlic and salt. Good choices.