Joselito Longaniza

Cárnicas Joselito, S.A.

Country: Spain
City: 37770 Guijuelo (Salamanca)
Address: Santa Rita, 8
(+34) 923580375
Price: 33 € per Kg

The best chorizo in the world, alone in its class and light years ahead of the rest, including the famous Joselito chorizo cular (thigh). With respect to this better known one, which can be considered the traditional version, the longaniza (sausage) is the product of sociological flavor modernization while using the same raw materials and identical seasonings. What changes is the curing—shorter (three months), giving it a fresher and more delicate flavor—and the texture, more tender and juicy, enhanced also by the grinding, which is twice as fine as in the chorizo. Paprika, garlic…the seasoning is overshadowed by the main ingredient, the pork—this meat has great nobility, befitting Iberico hogs that have grazed on acorns, with perfect balance of lean meat and fat. It is much milder, smoother, buttery, and therefore easier to eat.

Annual production is around 6,000 kilos, sold in a small number of specialized gourmet shops.