Gurmalia Octopus Sous-Vide


Country: Spain
City: 08040 - Barcelona
Address: Mercabarna - Longitudinal 7, núm. 114
(+34) 932643640
Price: 26,85 € 600 g aluminum package

Sous-vide octopus cooked in its own juices, presented as whole legs (2) that can be cut with scissors (Galician style), or heated whole, offered with certain dressings. The natural purity of the octopus immediately calls one’s attention to it, both in flavor and consistency. Al dente, chewable, consistent, firm, tender… compact. Flavorful, bold, preserving its sapid identity, gelatinous… filling the mouth. Just heat them in an oven, bain-marie, on the grill… there are endless ways. An easy, unsurpassable recourse to the restaurateur or individual, equaling sometimes even the finest specialists in the field.