Guido Castagna Hazelnut Cream


Country: Italy
City: 10094 Giaveno (To)
Address: Via Torino, 54
(+39) 3288659305
Price: Around 5 and 8 € for 100 and 200 g boxes

The Piedmont region in Italy has made a great contribution to the sweet world of chocolate: its pairing with hazelnut. Gianduja has conquered the gastronomic universe. Of all the different kinds that have been made, this little gem here is the most sought after. It is superb for two reasons: flavor and texture. With regard to the first, the presence of the Piedmont hazelnut comes across exquisitely, representing a full 68% of the mixture, giving the product a refined bitterness strengthened by the chocolate and balanced with a delicate sweetness. The taste is chiefly that of hazelnut, then chocolate, with a tempered amount of sugar. With regard to the second, it couldn’t be creamier, melting in consistency and substance in an almost fizzy way, caressing the palate.