Cucina Antica Sundried Tomatoes

Menu S.R.L.

Country: Italy
City: 41036 Medolla
Address: Vía Statale, 12-102
(+39) 0535.49711
Price: About 5,1 € the 200 g jar

Italian specialty whose world consumption is taking root. Tomatoes usually used in pasta dishes, also in risottos and salads as well as garnishes for fish; they are open to a thousand possibilities. Sun drying concentrates a lot of flavor—losing moisture intensifies their taste, focusing their essence. Temperamental, they come submerged in oil—in this case olive and sunflower—and wine vinegar, as well as aromatized with herbs to give them a charming Mediterranean identity. Open and eat the small segments in which they are presented, whole or chopped, as their purpose dictates.