Cotechino Modena Levoni

Levoni SPA

Country: Italy
City: 46014 Castellucchio (Mn)
Address: Via Matteotti, 27
(+39) 0376434011
Price: 6 € the 500 g package

Cotechino sausage is like a small zampone minus the shape and the foot bones, that offers the same gastronomic characteristics; it is traditionally served with lentils and potato puree, like the zampone. It comes already prepared and requires only that you cook it in its aluminum wrapping for the time specified on the box. We suggest that you prepare it with a gratinee for a crispy exterior. In this process, the water is cooked down to half .

The pork meats, meticulously mixed with pork fat and wrapped in skins, are highly flavorful, succulent, gelatinous, juicy and noble… the ingredients are balanced, with a light seasoning. In short, the result is very natural within the fatty, abundant character.