Coniglio Piemontese In Olio Extravergine Di Oliva Davide Palluda


Country: Italy
City: 12043 Canale (CN)
Address: Via Via Torino, 175
(+39) 017395857
Price: Around 5.30 and 6.60 ۼ

A unique rabbit of its kind. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find a comparable level of quality in fresh rabbit, let alone in the preserved form. It demonstrates fully the identity of the meat: rose-colored, juicy, extraordinarily juicy, tender… ‘buttery’ is perhaps the best-suited word. It seems infeasible to achieve a cleaner, more pure, natural flavor than this, with an impeccable sapid fragrance (juices, pepper, celery, carrot and onion) and an aromatic coating of virgin olive oil. An impressive preparation in every way.
It can be eaten cold or, better yet, simply heated, baked in the oven to 50-60ºC, 122-140ºF.