Cheese Parmigiano-Reggiano Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo, 36 months


Country: Italy
City: 42012 Campagnola Emilia (RE)
Address: Vía Mazzalari, 12.
(+39) 0522652862
Price: Retail price per kilo: Around 24 €

This artisan and prestigious cheese-maker uses 14 different dairies, all located in the same city, to collect enough milk for production. In total they transform 3,200,000 liters of milk per year, from approximately 780 cows, obtaining some 223,000 kilos of parmigiano-reggiano, more or less. 95% of the production is aged over 24 months, some of it as long as 42 months.
The texture combines a certain tenderness within the grainy consistency normally associated with the cheese, demonstrating all the magnificent crystals derived from its long ageing process. The aroma is fragrant, delicate and substantial. It has an intensely lactic flavor, pure and refined yet concentrated, building, developing and enduring in a truly substantial way. At every moment it has a subtle and constant acidity along with a light astringent quality. The raw product is superb and perfectly prepared.
It is sold in different sizes, weights and curing times.