Alvalle Gazpacho

Tropicana Alvalle, S.L.

Country: Spain
City: 30006 Murcia
Address: Puente Tocinos, 57. Pol. Campo Sol.
(+34) 968230200
Price: 3 € one-liter container

For those who don’t know how, haven’t the time or lack the desire to prepare this delicious Andalusian cold soup, the Tropicana Alvalle company offers a very natural, and to a large extent well-made version, as much in flavor as in density and color.

Tomato and high-quality vinegar flavors dominate, with hints of garlic, olive oil, cucumber and pepper. Ready to serve, it is tasty and refreshing on its own and can also benefit from various added extras: hardboiled egg, chopped ham, sliced cod, cooked shellfish, etc.